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Special desalination system on SALE...!!!


NEW !!! 50,000 US GPD Containerized desalination system available... multimedia filtration system included within a 20' ISO acoustic and thermal isolated container. Just ready to ship and easy to deploy on site.

Inside 50K US GPD SWRO desalination system

NEW !!! 50,000 US GPD Containerized desalination system available...

Ready to be shipped from our warehouse located in Coral Springs Florida USA, For $179,000 USD .

Main features:

- 20' ISO container - Sound barrier and R19 thermal insulation
- Control and Power panel including: PLC,
HMI, VFDs, Program
- Instrumentation: Conductivity, Flow meters, Pressure gauges,
Pressure swicthes adjustable 316L
- Multimedia filters:Four (4) 28" x 66" fiberglass filters with manual multiport valve, Turbidex filtration media
-Pressure vessel:Three (3) Enceladus PV 1000 PSI with side ports x 4 elements
-Membranes:Twelve (12) membranes SWC6LD
-High pressure RO pump:
KSB or similar pump with 25HP TEFC motor 480/380V - 50/60 Hz - 3P
- Energy recovery device: Pressure exchanger or Turbo charger
-Cleaning in Place and Flushing system:
Grundfos 316 pump with 5 HP TEFC motor
PP tank 220 Gallons
Connection and automatic operation
- Structural frame:
Anodized aluminim marine grade for longer corrosion resistance
- Operation:
- Alarms protections: all shall be indicated with in the HMI display
Low pump suction pressure
High pump  pressure discharge
Permeate water quality
Low permeate flow
High permeate flow
Low reject flow
Low/high voltage
Phase protection
Pump motor overload
High membrane feed pressure
Chemical tank protection level

Flush storage tank level protection

Some pictures:

Inside 50K US GPD SWRO desalination system Control and Power panel 380/480V 50/60Hz 3P

Pict #1: Inside                         Pict #2: Electric Panel

Four (4) MM Filter 48

Pict #3: Multimedia Filters

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